About the Artists

2Howling Monkeys – Homeschool curriculum for electives.


2Howling Monkeys consists of a mother/daughter team.  Their desire is to bring creativity into your home.  Both Kristina and Louise believe that creative thinking helps people to have longer and happier lives.

aviatorlouiserightsmallnonameLouise, the mother, has years of training and experience in tole painting and decorative wood painting.  She has knowledge in both acrylic and oil paints.  She has also been an arts and crafts teacher for many years.  She specializes in brush strokes, and understanding of shading and highlighting.

aviatorkristinaleftsmallnonameKristina, the daughter, has a formal education in fine arts.  She went on to study many other crafting mediums, and has experience as a  visual decorator, arts and crafts teacher, and a professional crochet designer.  Her main interest has always been portraits in oil paints and figure drawing.


Their crafting knowledge and experience goes extensively into painting, crochet, macrame’, sewing, quilting, embroidery, pattern making, fashion designing, and many more.

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