Agreement between 2Howling Monkeys and customer.  If customer purchases or uses any of 2Howling Monkeys items for sale, free, loan, or any such like agrees with that purchase to follow the guidelines below.


Workbooks:  Our workbooks and lessons are created for use per customer.  It is not allowed to copy, share, or sell any of our educational products.  If you’re a teacher or parent, and you need to purchase more than one copy, contact us for a discount price.

Patterns:  Patterns can be used to make items for personal use or profit.  The patterns are not to be copied, sold, or shared.  Items made from our patterns can be sold for profit on a small scale basis.  They are not to be used for a large scale business, or abuse of copyright laws.  Our free patterns are not to be posted on another website, however, a link to the pattern page is allowed.

Videos:  You’re allowed to share links to our videos on our website.  No editing or altering the videos.

Photos:  Photos on our website, patterns, or other products we offer for free or purchase cannot be posted on any other website without a link back to our website.


Please Note:  We are very understanding of our customer’s needs, however, to protect our products and all of our hard work, we have to stand by copyright laws.  If we’re all fair and treat each other with respect, then everyone can enjoy the products without abusing rights.  Contact us if you have any questions.  We’ll be happy to work with our customers and explain any misunderstandings or answer any questions.


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