Refund Policy

We, at 2Howling Monkeys, understand that there are times when a customer may purchase an item and find out later that it is not what they were expecting.  Since our products are sold as digital downloads, we are unable to offer any returns or refunds, HOWEVER, we do offer support in the following ways.  We encourage our customers to take a few simple steps before purchasing one of our products.


  • Read the extensive information offered on any of our products.  Here is the list of links.  Click on the product that you are interested in, and it will take you to that page.

1)  Sewing Level 1 workbooks series

  • Watch our videos to get a clear and concise idea of what our products offer.  Our videos go into great detail on what you will receive with your purchase.

Sewing Level 1 workbook series:

1) Sewing Level 1 Introduction

2) Sewing Level 1 Lesson 1 workbook

3) Sewing Level 1 Lesson 2 workbook

4) Sewing Level 1 Lesson 3 workbook

  • We offer customer assistance if you are having any issues with downloading or opening the purchased product.  We are here to help make your experience with 2Howling Monkeys be an enjoyable one.



Refund/Return Policy:

We do not offer any refunds or returns for any of our digital downloads.  To sell, resale, share or give away any digital downloads from 2Howling Monkeys is not permissable.


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