“Doo You Know?” Who Invented The Zipper?

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     Hello.  Welcome to another “Doo You Know?”.  Today, I want to share with you what I … Continue reading

“Doo You Know?” Isaac Singer?

Isaac_Merrit_Singeraviatorlouiserightsmall  Hello!  The last two weeks, I talked about Walter Hunt and Elias Howe, and their part in the invention of the sewing machine.  … Continue reading

“Doo You Know?” Who Elias Howe Is?



Last week, I asked if you knew who Walter Hunt was, and I seriously doubt if many, or any, had ever heard … Continue reading

Sewing Pattern: “Happy Camper” Sewing Machine Cover


sewing machine cover


We’re happy to announce our new sewing pattern “HAPPY CAMPER” Sewing Machine Cover!

This sewing pattern is easy to understand, has very detailed instructions, and … Continue reading

Interested In Learning How To Sew?

widget sewing workbooksSewing Level 1 workbook series:  $29.95

This series has 5 lesson workbooks.  Each lesson is packed full of easy-to-understand information, projects, manuals and an assortment of … Continue reading

“Doo You Know?” Who Walter Hunt Was?

walter hunt

aviatorlouiserightsmall Hello, today’s “Doo You Know” post is about a little known inventor named Walter Hunt.  (1796-1859)


Walter loved to invent things and … Continue reading

“Doo You Know?”: What Our First Sewing Needles Were Like?

antique needle containers

aviatorlouiserightsmall Hello and welcome to “Doo You Know?”.

Today’s topic is sewing needles.  Most of us, probably never gave much thought … Continue reading