Doo You Know?

Each week we will post helpful tips, advice and interesting facts to make sewing easier and fun for the beginner sewing enthusiast.

Every Tuesday, a new “Doo You Know?” will be posted by Louise.  Each posting will be in our blog.  This is the archive for all of the “Doo You Know?” postings.  They are in order by date, from the newest to the oldest.


measuring tape



How To Take Your Body Measurements  March 9, 2016



zipper 2



Who Invented The Zipper?  March 1, 2016

Louise delves into the history of all the inventors who had a part in the progress of the zipper.



Who Isaac Singer Was  Feb 23, 2016

The story of Isaac Singer, and his influence on the sewing machine.



Elias Howe


Who Elias Howe Was Feb 16, 2016

The story of Elias Howe and his invention of the sewing machine.



walter hunt


Who Walter Hunt Was  Feb 2, 2016

Louise tells you the true story of Walter Hunt, and the invention of the first sewing machine.



antique needle containers


What Our First Sewing Needles Were Like  Jan 26, 2016

Louise talks about the beginnings of the humble sewing needle.



Coats n Clark advertisement 01


The History Of Thread Jan 12, 2016

Louise tells the history of thread and the beginnings of the Coats & Clark thread industry.



lucy and a sewing machine


My Ten Favorite Sewing Notions And Tools  Jan 5, 2016

Louise gives you a list of her favorite sewing notions and tools that she uses on a regular basis.


sewing machine singer


How To Sew Dec 29, 2015

Louise talks about the different trends of sewing and what inspires people to sew.


cee and doo stacked at angles small


 Who Monkey Cee And Monkey Doo Are  Dec 22, 2015

Louise introduces the two monkeys who are a big part in 2 Howling Monkeys and their special characteristics.




  All About Couponing Part 2:  Dec 15, 2015

Louise goes into more detail about how to use coupons at Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby and Michaels.




  All About Couponing Part 1:  Dec 8, 2015

Louise introduces the many ways on how to use coupons when shopping for your sewing and craft supplies.


Introduction:  Dec 1, 2015

First posting for “Doo You Know?”.  Louise introduces herself and talks about her sewing background and education.




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