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Want to learn how to sew?  We are excited to share with you our Sewing Level 1 workbook series!  Check out what we have to offer you.

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Sewing Level 1 workbook series: $29.95

This series has 5 lesson workbooks. Each lesson is packed full of easy-to-understand information, projects, manuals and an assortment of practice sheets. Monkey Cee and Monkey Doo are the two characters that walk the student through the workbooks keeping the attention and enthusiasm high with bright colors and fun illustrations. This is a great sewing tutorial to be added to any homeschool curriculum. Don’t worry if you are not a homeschooler, these lessons will still be great for any preteen up to an adult who wants to learn how to sew.

For more detailed information and product videos, go to Sewing Level 1 Details.

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  1. Thanks for all of the information that you share. I’m a beginner, and your videos are really helping me. Thanks again!

  2. My daughter is having so much fun learning to sew while following your series. Thanks!

  3. We’re loving your SEWING series!

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