Hot Glue Guns & Accessories

An assortment of recommended hot glue guns and accessories for the homeschool student or beginner sewing enthusiast.


Surebonder DT-25 Made in the USA All Purpose Stik Mini Glue Sticks-All Temperature-Clear-5/16″ D, 4″ L Glue Stick-25 sticks per Bag



  • 25 pieces per package
  • A crafting essential for all craft enthusiasts these All-Temp Glue Sticks work at all temperatures and always dry clear and secure
  • Choose from Mini size (25 per package) or Regular size (8 to a package)
  • Works in low and high temperature glue guns
  • For everyday gluing projects
  • Mini glue sticks; 5/16-Inch diameter
  • 4-Inch length
  • Clear color



Surebonder DT-50 All Temperature 50 Glue Sticks, 4-Inch



  • For Use in High, Dual and Low Temperature Glue Guns
  • For everyday gluing projects
  • Glue sticks; 7/16-Inch diameter
  • 4-Inch length
  • Clear color



Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt High Temperature Industrial Glue Gun, Black


  • Ergonomic design trigger
  • 100-Watt of Power
  • Insulated and interchangeable nozzle
  • Uses 7/16-Inch diameter glue sticks
  • Glue gun weighs 1.35-Lbs



Surebonder GM-160 Mini High Temperature Glue Gun, 10-watt



  • For small craft projects and quick repairs
  • Trigger-fed glue
  • 10-watt, 120-volts
  • Uses 5/16-Inch diameter glue sticks
  • Uses 4-Inch or 10-Inch length glue sticks



Adhesive Technologies 0443 Two-Temp Cordless Glue Gun



  • 40 watts
  • 120V corded (removable)
  • Remove cord for hard to reach places
  • Works up to 5 minutes with cord detached
  • Uses Full Size 7/16″ Diameter Glue Sticks



Surebonder 6500N Glue Gun Stand with Non-Stick Glue Pad-Black


  • Use with any glue gun
  • Includes non-stick glue drip pad
  • Adds safety and convenience to all your craft projects


Surebonder CL-800F 60-Watt Cordless High Temperature Glue Gun



  • High temperature cordless glue gun
  • For most porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Simple to use on/off switch
  • Insulated nozzle, works with 4-inch or 10-inch glue sticks
  • Operates at 380 degrees Fahrenheit, 60-watts








Want to learn how to sew? We are excited to share with you our Sewing Level 1 workbook series! Check out what we have to offer you.

widget sewing workbooks

Sewing Level 1 workbook series: $29.95

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