“Doo You Know?” Who Invented The Zipper?

Elias Howe 3



     Hello.  Welcome to another “Doo You Know?”.  Today, I want to share with you what I … Continue reading

“Doo You Know?” Isaac Singer?

Isaac_Merrit_Singeraviatorlouiserightsmall  Hello!  The last two weeks, I talked about Walter Hunt and Elias Howe, and their part in the invention of the sewing machine.  … Continue reading

Video: How To Sharpen Scissors And Product Review Fiskars Tabletop Scissors Sharpener

How To Sharpen Scissors And Product Review Fiskars Tabletop Scissors Sharpener



This instructional video shows you how to sharpen your fabric scissors correctly. It compares two different scissors sharpeners. It also highlights a product review for Fiskars Tabletop Scissors Sharpener, Fiskars … Continue reading

“Doo You Know?” My Favorite Ten Sewing Notions and Tools?

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“HAPPY NEW YEAR!”  I hope you all have a great 2016!

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How To Remove And Change A Presser Foot

How To Remove And Change A Presser Foot

How to remove a presser foot. Detailed tutorial that shows the different ways you may need to remove and change a presser foot on your sewing machine. Are you a beginner at sewing? This tutorial video will help you to … Continue reading

Cee ‘N’ Sew 001 – Winter Fleece Scarf

Our first Cee ‘N’ Sew project video is here!!!  A Winter Fleece Scarf DIY Sew Along Video.


Want to learn how to sew?  We offer Sewing Level 1 workbooks for beginner sewers.

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Video: How To Use A Seam Ripper

How To Use A Seam Ripper

This video explains the correct way to use a seam ripper, the parts of the seam ripper, and how not to use it. This is a great “how to” video for the beginner sewer.


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Launch Day for Sewing Level 1!!!!!!!!!!

It’s here! Today, November 27th is our launching day for our workbook series, “Sewing Level 1!!!! Leave it to us to make it be on Black Friday. We didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer than you had to. I know many of you are excited to get your … Continue reading

Update: Sewing Level 1

aviatorkristinaleftsmallnoname  Hello Everyone!  Kristina here.

It looks like we’re in the final stretch!  We were working very hard this week, to have the workbooks for sale by tomorrow.  We still can, however, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.  We would like to be … Continue reading